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Become a vendor at Lunart Marketplace


At Lunart Marketplace we always welcome new vendors to own their online market stalls! To qualify as a vendor products should meet certain standards.

Accepted Products:

  • Non-toxic Baby & Children’s Products
  • Eco-Friendly Kitchenware
  • Eco-Friendly Homeware
  • Licensed Beauty Products (If Home Manufactured)
  • Hand-Crafted Items
  • Other Products that promote eco-friendly and healthy living.

Not Accepted Products:

  • Food and Livestock
  • Illicit Items such as Drugs and Firearms
  • Unlicensed Health Products
  • Imitation Branded Items and Counterfeit Products
  • Products Containing Harmful Toxics and Products that are assessed as ‘Not Suitable’ at the website management’s discretion.

Do you have a product that is not listed above as an accepted item? Could your market stall products be beneficial for our customers? Please let us know. We can consider expanding our categories.

Process Of Registering As A Vendor At Lunart MarketPlace

  1. Choose Your Plan: By clicking ‘Register Now‘, you can choose a plan that suits you the best.
  2. Register Your Interest:  Then fill in the information about you or your business. You will receive a notification email of receipt of your application.
  3. A Confirmation / Approval Email: Paid members can start listing products right away. Free members will receive an approval email usually within 48 hours.
  4. If you are a Business: Send us proof of your ABN registration to or on Dashboard. You will be rewarded a ‘verified’ badge. If you are starting as a casual seller you can skip this process. In NO circumstances will we share any of your private details with a third party. You can check our Privacy Policy here.
  5. Start Uploading Product Listings: Upload your products in your mini-shop (market stall).
  6. Product Listing Approval: You will receive a notification email once your product listing is live! Then it’s time to start the journey!

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