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How Close Are You To Plastics?

How close are you to plastics?  When you are asked that question, most of us can easily think that we unconsciously eat food off them, drink out of them or have a lot of household items made out of them.

However not many of us will say we ingest bits of them every day or even use to scrub our face or body with them.

A study by the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology, released in 2018 revealed that around 90% of salt brands sold worldwide are contaminated with micro-plastics. Of all types, sea salt is found to contain the highest levels of micro-plastics with still distinguishable levels in other types of salt.

It is estimated that an average adult consumes approximately 2,000 micro-plastics per year. The health effects of consuming them are unknown.

How about face scrubs, toothpaste or shower gels? It used to be highly common for cosmetics to include plastic beads only up until recently. The plastic beads were used as a bulking agent, exfoliant or for releasing active ingredients gradually. The rinse-off beads were not dissolvable and eventually ended up in lakes, rivers and oceans.  Almost all of these products are phased out now due to the awareness of their adverse effects on our environment.

We should think twice when we purchase daily products so that the manufacturers can voluntarily phase out production of non-decomposable products. This movement will cause the manufacturers to change their business model to align more with eco-friendly production.

Lunart stocks Mother’s Corn products made from Corn PLA which is 100% biodegradable. Check out our range and take a small step to make a big difference to our environment!

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