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Lunart Designed Ultra Flexible Baby and Toddler Bib

Lunart Silicone Bib

Eco Friendly Baby Lunart Silicone Bib

Have you tried so many bibs for your baby or toddler but have never quite found the right one? Maybe they’ve never lasted very long. Do your little one’s tiny fingers keep trying to take them off because they feel so uncomfortable?

Well if you haven’t tried this ‘perfect fit’ ultra soft Lunart Bib, then you won’t know what you’re missing! This bib will not disappoint!

All our bibs are quality made and designed from a soft, flexible and durable silicone material. Our bibs are specially made to be thinner and lighter so they sit comfortably across your child’s neck and shoulders.

Our bibs come in 3 beautiful vibrant colours that your child will simply fall in love with!

Easily cleanable with mild soap or warm water, or just simply wipe clean after each use. Fold them up and take them everywhere you need to go!

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