Mother’s Corn Growing Up Set of 9 (4 Feeding Stages)

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Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Set of 9

BPA Free | Non-toxic inks for prints | Made from corn PLA | Biodegradable

Stage 1: Puree spoon and bowl with a lid for introduction to solid food

Stage 2: Double handled bowl and mug for self-drinking

Stage 3: Spill proof bowl for finger food

Stage 4: Divided dinner plate for self feeding

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Mother's Corn Growing-up set care instruction

Mother’s Corn products are made of PLA, plant material.
Plant material -> starch -> glucose -> lactic acid -> PLA -> product…

When disposed of after use, our products go back into the earth again.

The dinnerware set of 9 consists of:

Deep set double handle bowl, silicone lid, finger food lid, puree spoon, deep set divided plate, mug, spoon and a fork

Mother's Corn Decomposition Cycle

Mother's Corn Decomposition Timeline - earth

Mother's Corn Decomposition Timeline - Ocean

-Korean Description-

Mother's Corn Growing Up Set of 9

Mother's Corn Decomposition Details

Mother's Corn Certifications


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